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What Once was Lost || CLOSED RP ||


He smiled a little when she laughed, shifting her weight in his lap so they would both be more comfortable. Payton had scared the hell out of him by vanishing like that, and Dean was not letting her out of his sight for at least a week. Sam glanced at them in the rearview mirror, smiling. He rarely saw Dean look like that, and he wanted him happy.

“You hungry or anything, Payton?” the younger Winchester asked, not noticing he startled his brother back into reality.

Dean had tuned out most of the rest of the world while holding Payton close, fingers lightly curled in her hair and protectively holding her. Nothing was taking Payton from him, not again. 

"No," She whispered almost inaudibly at the question, giving a shake of her head and wrapping her arms tighter around Dean; almost too tight, a bit of her demon strength exerting itself into the action as a show of desperation. 
In fact, the mere thought of food sent her stomach lurching; she knew that she should at least try — It wasn’t like the demons that had taken her had starved her, but they certainly hadn’t given her a very substantial amount. That didn’t matter, though, because the thought of doing anything but resting, seeing her family and holding onto Dean only upset her, physically and mentally. 
So she kept her answer there, even if she knew that she would probably regret it once everything settled down and how hungry she should be finally settled completely over her. 

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would anyone like to do a thing? 

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Next Generation Winchesters

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What Once was Lost || CLOSED RP ||


The hunter finally relaxed the tiniest bit, holding her close and keeping their foreheads pressed together. He thought she was a goner, was about to start trying to make a deal to make sure she was okay. Some days it had felt like he’d been the only one still searching for her, but he knew that had been him stupidly trying to run himself into the ground to find her.

“I know,” he murmured softly after she had shifted, not arguing as her face pressed against his throat. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again, y’hear?” Dean said, trying to lighten the tension in the car and ease into relaxing again for the rest of the drive. She was definitely not leaving his arms until they got to San Francisco, and even then it was only so that she could see her family, otherwise he’d probably make Sam stop somewhere and just lie with her for several hours.

She gave a dry laugh in response to his joke. It was supposed to be funny, after all, she knew it was. But she couldn’t find it in her to actually find amusement from it. It just hurt, to think what he must have been through.. The way he was holding her, the words he was saying, the way his face had looked when he found her…
"I’ll try my best.." She whispered, holding onto him tighter. She was just so glad he’d found her. She was so glad that she was in his arms and safe, and she didn’t ever want to leave. If she could, she would just freeze time and never leave his arms again — it would keep her safe and warm and they would never run the risk of something like that ever happening to either of them again.

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Sam Winchester + season 8 (aka the season of gr8 shirts)

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Christ Jesus your face at the end there #You are a grown ass man #You are in your thirties #How are you so fucking adorable? #You’re like a five year old sharing his snack at recess.

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